Want to see optimum engagement of your prospects or clients? If you are nodding your head for yes,

InjectoTech will cater your needs well. We build and manage branded e-mail blasts to your prospective customers or clients.


We believe it calls for great content, catchy headlines and enticing graphics to get your mail noticed in client’s e-mail inbox. Our experts create HTML based e-mails with subject lines that convert. Being a worthy e-mail marketing consultants, we consistently achieve above average open rates, click through and are there to build up your subscription based e-mail list.

Our e-mail marketing strategies are tried and true that brings life into campaigns and ensures optimum engagement of targeted customers or clients. Beware, posting a blog post alone does not mean your audience gets the message that it’s live rather an RSS-fed e-mail sent at the optimal time will assure that your message is noticed.