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The entire world has become digital today. Internet is playing a very crucial role in people’s lives. Whether it’s your business idea, or studies or you want to know about any location, the first thing which suddenly clicks in your mind is to ask Google. But have you ever think of that how you get all your answers on Google or any other search engine at a click? How some of the websites appear on the first page of your search where there are so many other competing websites available to answer your search? Well, the only answer will be Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

With the huge growth of online business, the need of Search Engine Optimization has also increased in last few years. Our modern generation lives on-line and when there is so much demand of it, then how can a businessman remain behind others in this race. So here the need of SEO increases, as all want to win the race by defeating their competitors by coming on the first page of the search engine. In more simple words, SEO is a marketing strategy, being used to improve the ranking of the websites in the search engines.

There are various websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter and Microsoft which always comes on the first search result page without any help of SEO. But apart from these big brand names, a large number of other websites lose the race. Here SEO plays a very important role in pushing forward these websites. Being a marketing strategy, it has now become an essential part of every business that wants to increase its ranking.

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